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Teams of more than eight people are discouraged. Indeed, weekly board team meetings aim to support the needs and development of board team members. If a team is too big, team members don`t have enough room in their agenda to meet everyone`s needs. A DBT consulting team is a group of DBT suppliers who work together to treat customers. A team consists of 3 to 8 people and may include a combination of providers who may have different roles or professional qualifications (e.g. B psychologists who also work in teams with a psychiatrist). Providers meet regularly – often weekly – with their team to help each other and deal with the potential stress and burnout of treating customers at high risk of suicide. 4. That participation in a DBT team must be voluntary, but that at the end of a commitment, there are all the expectations that the member respects the commitments made. □ Team discussions focused primarily on the THERAPIST`s behavior against the client When two team members are polarized, it`s hard to step back and see the truth from each other`s perspective.

Having multiple team members to signal polarization and create a dialectical synthesis between the two positions is essential for a well-functioning consulting team. 1. The main function of a DBT team is to increase the motivation and ability of the therapist to use DBT in clients. Thus, when joining a team, members agree to participate in team board meetings and do everything in their power to improve the effectiveness of their own members and members other than DBT therapists and adherence to the principles of DBT. 2. To be available to a client in the role for which you joined the team, for example. B individual therapist, group coach, clinical supervisor, pharmacotherapist. 1. Participate and keep in mind that therapists always have something to say, that is, silence during an entire counseling interview is not participating New DBT teams are allowed to apply for intensive behavioral therapy dialectical training™ a ten-day course designed to prepare teams for the development and implementation of a DBT program. 8.

Consultant-to-the-team/DBT-Team/DBT-Team intervene, do rather than teach Other commitments that need to be discussed and agreed upon when participating in a DBT consulting team are: «I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult to offer effective treatment to most borderline patients without consultation and supervision…