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The first SOA partnership included the key priorities of all municipal planning partners from 2009-2012 and included a series of ambitious local outcomes for South Ayrshire in terms of employment, health, care, municipal safety, economic development and the environment. In 2013, the Single Outcome Agreement was updated and long-term, medium- and short-term priorities and outcomes for South Ayrshire were defined. Please note that the plan relates to our new website, Our partnership vision is North Ayrshire – A Better Life. To do this, we must ensure that life is “Fair for All” in North Ayrshire. Fair for All is our strategy to promote justice. The most important promise in Fair for All is: “North Ayrshire CPP is committed to addressing and mitigating the causes of child poverty in order to improve the lives of the local population.” Since the agreement of our last joint partnership plan, the 2013-2017 Framework Agreement, we have focused more on child poverty. This is a response to the very worrying local development of child poverty. Community Justice Ayrshire c/o North Ayrshire Council, 1st Floor East, Cunninghame House Friars Croft, Irvine KA12 8EE Tel 01294 317203 Email THE SOA`s first annual report (2013-2014) shows the progress partner has made in implementing these results, as well as the progress made and how we are changing the lives of people in the field through case studies and stories.

This plan is known as the Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP) and is a legal requirement of the Community Justice (Scotland Act) 2016. 1. Strengthen communities – we want to enable communities to be able to increase control over their lives, to be supported, to do things for themselves and to hear their voices in planning and providing services. Our local partnerships have also developed their own local plans. These are available in the community drop-down menu at the top of the page. Each Community Planning Partnership must develop a Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) to show how partners are cooperating to address South Ayrshire`s key priorities. If you would like to learn more about how we do it or if we are involved in reducing inequality in your own location, please contact us We will check our progress and update our list of commitments each year so that by April of each year we will establish a new plan for “beginnings, belonging, faith”.