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In 1981, Geoffrey Dickens, MP, asked the Attorney General “whether he would prosecute Sir Peter Hayman under the post-post laws for the sending and receiving of pornographic material by the Royal Mail[32] and asked how “such a potential risk of blackmail can be made for highly sensitive positions to be placed within the MOD and NATO?” He asked the Speaker of the House of Commons to “investigate the security effects of the diaries found in the diplomat`s London apartment containing reports of sexual exploitation.” [33] The Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, replied: “I agree with the counsel of the Director of The Prosecutor (Sir Thomas Chalmers Hetherington, QC) not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman and the others with whom he had had an obscene correspondence.” [32] and added that, although Hayman received pornographic material through this post, it is not extreme. , was non-commercial and in a sealed envelope, so that no prosecution is warranted. [34] These events have been the subject of much discussion and condemnation in the international press. [35] (i) Establish an agreement between IESBA and IAASB on a revised common definition of the concept of publicly traded unit, which would be operational for both councils, (ii) establish a way to converge between the concepts that under the basis of the definition of an EI in the code and the description of a (a) to be re-examined in accordance with the IAASB the definitions of “listed unit” and “pie” in the code , in order to revise them if necessary, they appeared in June 2015 following a request for freedom of information from the BBC, revealing that the Conservative Minister of the Interior at the time, Leon Brittan, refused to support a bill to ban fiPA because he felt that the law on incitement to sexual acts with children was not as clear. [56] [57] When guests of the hotel that was to host an AE public meeting learned of the event, they cancelled hotel room reservations worth US$2,500 and threatened the manager, who was also confronted with a walk by angry staff. [26] IEP members were subsequently monitored by “angry mothers” with rotten fruits and vegetables[27][28][28] and the necessary protection of the police. [29] The british far-right National Front also protested in the 1970s, before the IEP conferences. [30] When Middleton stopped actively working with THE PIE, Understanding Pepa was replaced by Magpie magazine, which was rather a compromise between proselytizing the previous publication and a forum for members. It contained news, book and film reviews, articles, unreased photos of children, humor about paedophilia, letters and other members` articles.

In the summer of 1978, the apartments of several members of the PIE committee were searched by the police as part of a wide-ranging investigation into THE activities of the E.I.; As a result of this investigation, a full report was provided to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the persecution of magpie activists followed.