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Our team of marriage contract lawyers can work with you and advise on executing a combat plan that best meets your needs. There are a number of good reasons to consider a marriage. You`re getting married in New York State? Do you want your ex-spouse to benefit from part of your business or pension? Do you still want to pay your ex-spouse long years of child support after the divorce? If you don`t want these things to happen, you need a marital agreement. Our Albany Prenuptial Agreement lawyers are happy to create your marriage pact for you at a reasonable price. There are more women today than ever, with lucrative careers, substantial assets and good reasons to protect both. This is why many partners decide to work together to develop a marriage pact to protect what they have built. Our Albany Prenup lawyers could help a couple create a document that best fits their goals and needs. While you can logistically put whatever you want into a marital agreement, the court will only apply it if the provisions of the agreement are legal. For example, you cannot require a spouse to launder money for your businesses in the underground world. In addition, in the law firms of Maxwell and Van Ryn, LLP, our Albany lawyers can help you meet your specific needs.

With extensive economic and estate planning practices, we can offer you, in addition to our family law practices, the integrated legal services needed to develop an effective pre-marriage agreement for situations ranging from simple situations to complex situations. Couples who work together or separately in tightly managed enterprises may also benefit from marital conditions that deal with interests in business, professional or family businesses. Marital agreements may also be important for people with children from previous relationships or those who are about to marry for the second or third time. A marriage agreement is a pre-marriage agreement. The content of a marital agreement may vary depending on people`s wishes, but as a general rule, it allows parties to decide what happens to their property in the event of a divorce. Marriage contracts must be signed with certain legal formalities to be enforceable. They should also be the result of sincere negotiations between individuals and after full disclosure of each party`s financial situation. Each person should also be represented by their own lawyer.

Senior Counsel Michael Belsky, with Barbara, assists Clients in the Capital Region in their combat agreement and brings more than two decades of family law experience. Mr. Belsky`s priority is that his clients fully understand any legal issues covering their agreements and that they participate in every stage of the trial in order to find the appropriate terms of their agreement. A very conservative reason why an Albany lawyer may propose to obtain a marriage pact is to prevent your business or other assets from being tarnished during a title divorce.