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The personal version of the PACKAGE SOFTWARE is only granted as a freeware to FREEWARE LICENSEES. As used here, «FREEWARE LICENSEES» are LICENSE ENTREPRISES that are individuals or non-profit organizations that use THE PACKAGE SOFTWARE for their personal or educational use on individual workstations. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, LICENSOR and FREEWARE LICENSEE herein grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable, annual and renewable right and a license to install and use the PACKAGE SOFTWARE on a workstation. This right and license involves the possibility of acquiring access to the «Pro» version for each workstation, as in «1. Terms and conditions of license» below. The first panel is small and displays few options that can be expressed by default. However, it should not be a joke to believe that TeraCopy is a simple file copier. We can extend the control panel to access and configure other configurations, and examine the file properties, z.B the source directory, size and status, as well as the origin and destination agreement for the target. Access to LICENSOR`s pro features is only allowed for one (1) machine on which the PACKAGE SOFTWARE is installed by a single license key. To verify the status of the Pro license, LICENSEE must go through an online license verification process before activating the Pro feature. During the verification of licenses, LICENSEE makes pro licensing information (including the license key) and computer configuration available in the form of an alphanumeric code on the Internet to verify the authenticity of the software.

Such permission is not transferable to other machines and pro functionality licenses must be purchased for each computer on which the PACKAGE SOFTWARE must be run with pro features. In the event that LICENSEE is unable to verify the Pro license over the Internet or by any other method indicated during the licence verification process, LICENSEE may contact the EULAlyzer Pro Support using the information provided by LICENSOR during the licence verification or as indicated in the documentation. Pro licenses are not automatically renewed, but can be renewed by LICENSEE with payment of non-refundable royalties.