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Comcast uses a variety of tools and techniques to manage its network, provide service and ensure compliance with this policy and subscriber agreement. These tools and techniques are dynamic, such as the network and its use, and can and often change. These network management activities can be linked. B to identify spam and prevent transmission to customers` email accounts, (ii) detect harmful Internet traffic and prevent the spread of viruses or other harmful codes or content; iii) temporary reduction of traffic priority for users who are the main contributors to the current network overload and (iv) the use of other tools and techniques that Comcast may be called upon to implement to achieve its goal of achieving the best broadband internet experience, and (iv) temporarily. d. Approval of Comcast`s communications. You agree that Comcast or third parties acting on Comcast`s behalf may call you at any phone number or send them an SMS that you make available to comcast or comcast delivers to you, for any use related to your account and/or the services to which you subscribe. They expressly agree to receive such calls and texts and accept that such calls and texts are not inexplicable. You understand and recognize that these calls and texts may include the use of an automatic telephone voting system and/or artificial or pre-recorded messages. If you don`t want to receive these messages, you can visit the preference center at to manage your communication preferences.

You understand and recognize that this is the only way to opt out of these communications. You can`t refuse to receive certain messages about your account, including, but not only, emergency notifications, fraud or other breaches, security issues and damage to the network. The frequency of messages depends on your activity with your services. Message and/or data rates may apply. Users of the service and copyright holders should refer to the Copyright Commission (DMCA) Policy of to learn more about Comcast`s handling of allegations of alleged copyright infringement and their policies in the event of repeated copyright infringement. E. Payment by credit card or cheque. The use of a credit card for payment of the service is subject to the corresponding card issuer agreement. If we do not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all the amounts due on request. If you pay by cheque, you allow us to collect your cheque electronically. You agree not to amend or modify the agreement with restrictive references (such as «fully paid» or any other statement or release in the case of cheques or other payments we accept, and these ratings have no legal effect.

Subject to applicable law or the terms of agreements with government authorities, Comcast does not reimburse the amounts paid in advance for the service. Comcast prefers to inform customers of any inappropriate activity and give them a reasonable amount of time to take corrective action. Comcast also prefers that customers resolve disputes or disputes they have with others, customers or not, directly without Comcast`s intervention.